How to Become a Wedding Photographer in India 2024 [ EARN ]

If you want to know how to become a wedding photographer in India, then read this complete step-by-step guide If you want to become a professional top-class photographer.

In today’s time if you have the right skills in Photography and If you are a student and want to work in the Photography field then you can start with a Smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones have most of the features to get to know about photography in General.

Becoming a professional wedding photographer in India requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and commitment to the work. Moreover, the Indian wedding market is estimated to be $40-50 billion in size.

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How to Become a Wedding Photographer in India 2024: Step by Step

A newbie in the photography industry with some experience can make money if they have the right skill set. Moreover, There is a huge demand in every city in India for wedding professional photographers. One can also work as a part-time photographer to know the work which will be done by them if they join the profession. Below we have covered how to Become a Wedding Photographer in India in the year 2024 step by step.

1. Learn Photography Skills

photography skills

If you want to become a wedding photographer in india, you need to learn Photography skills then you first have to know how Camera works and how to hold it.  In the Initial time as a beginner, many people don’t know how to hold the camera perfectly which causes blurry images and camera shakes. You must regularly practice how the Camera works and at which angle it can give the best shot.

Understand the basic terms like ISO, Aperture, Histogram, Raw Image, etc. While clicking pictures check the Lighting conditions, it’s not very little or more. Due to less lighting conditions images might turn out blurry. And, due to high lighting images can result in overexposure. 

2. Learn Editing Tools

editing tools

If you are a beginner and want to learn editing for free then you can use YouTube Platforms. Before diving into editing choose which software is suitable for you as a beginner. For Photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software which is widely used by many people and Adobe Premiere Pro is for Video Editing, this software has many functionality and features present in it.

While learning the tools you can watch tutorials or a short course on YouTube which will help you to get an understanding of editing tools. Once you have watched Tutorials and implemented the work in your portfolio you can also join some paid Cohorts or Bootcamp which will help you in the advancement of your skills.

3. Build Online Presence

You can click pictures of your family members and friends to include the work in your portfolio. Launch your website after you think you have done some good work in your field. After that, you can include your pictures of your friends and family members. Building a strong relationship with the clients will help you to get more work through your good connections. Every day people use Social Media and they scroll through many posts, reels, and videos daily. If you are good at your Photography skills you can open your Social Media Page on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc so it can reach a wider audience.

To build your online presence you can start clicking random people’s pictures and post them on Social Media it can get huge views and can help you to land a high amount of clients or your Network will increase after having a good Online Presence.

4. Build Portfolio

wedding portfolio

A Photographer must build their portfolio while launching a website. On the website, they can add clients’ testimonials, their best Images, Videos, and Pricing. The individual must create a few blogs so that blogs can be on the top of the page after doing SEO and detailed blogs with website optimization. This will help in the long run to get the clients and once you reach a good amount of clients you can launch your big team to expand in different cities.

The idea of building a website is to attract new clients. It must look attractive and properly marketed to attract new clients. The photographer can also market themselves on Social Media apps like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and many more.

5. Look for Junior Photographer Roles

photography skills

Learn under a professional photographer at the beginning of a career. To get experience and the techniques which will help you later in your career. Look for a Junior photographer role to understand the industry’s requirements. This role will help you to get an overall understanding of how things work in this industry. You need to grab the opportunity and dedicate the time to learn new things that will help your career in the future. This role also helps you to get networking opportunities with potential clients.

FAQs: How to Become a Wedding Photographer in India

How to Become a Photographer Without a Degree?

The degree is not important to become a photographer. If you have done any photography courses then it will be an added advantage. But in the end, your Work matters more than any degree. You have to showcase your Creativity with photography skills.

What is the cost of a wedding photographer in India?

The cost of any wedding photography includes which clients you target. If the clients will spend 10-15 lakhs on their wedding then their pricing is different. And, if the clients spent  5-6 lakhs then their pricing is different. However, if you are good at your skills then you can charge 50k to 2 lakh for a 5-6 hour session.

Why is wedding photography so expensive in India?

In India, a wedding is one of the best movements of a couple’s life. To store all the memories people spend a huge amount including Candid Photos, Reels, Videos, and many more. Furthermore, there is a lot of hard work including editing pictures, videos, and reels. So it can take a lot of time for editing that’s why the charge is high.

What are the most important skills for a wedding photographer?

You need to have Communication skills to interact with clients and Editors. Have the efficiency to get the work done in the given timeline. Moreover, you need to have creativity skills, photography skills, etc.


In the end, I suggest you start your journey as soon as possible because learning photography takes time and patience. If you start early it can save you time and give you an upper edge against your competitors. If you have any doubts related to this guide on how to become a wedding photographer in India, then do let me know in the comments.

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